@fribbledom this is a neat looking link, but suffers from the same issue as Mastodon. The average user will see ‘Registration is Closed’. And they’re done. Back to Instagram they’ll go. and i awesome, but the barrier to use it in the manner it is today is too high for the average person.

@MickInTX @fribbledom

The biggest downside to that is that it would become a..well, moirass of roughness, to put it politely.

It is a good idea to spread out registrations over instances on PixelFed, like Mastodon and others.

@cyberpresidentvanellope @fribbledom oh no, I agree totally, federated is better overall for the libre part if nothing else, it’s simply that a new user who is immediately met with a message saying registrations are closed, is a lost potential user in most cases.

I would just like to see an easier way to pick a server that is accepting registrations without having to go to another page, then copy, navigate back, and try to sign up again.

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