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New Episode!

Julia and Nick sat down with @ApatzidiM@twitter.com and @karsenis@twitter.com of @mera25_gr@twitter.com and talk about the current situation in Greece and the newest party in Greek Parliament MeRA25


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Wir erwarten für unsere Daten keine Gegenleistung, weil ihre Produktion nicht als »Arbeit« gilt – warum? jacobin.de/artikel/big-data-ar

We won! Organizations including @Mozilla@twitter.com and @EFF@twitter.com took our signatures to @Zoom_us@twitter.com, calling on it to make available to all, and it listened: foundation.mozilla.org/en/blog

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We took part at the Kottbuser Tor Photo Project by Joel Stevenett. Joel was there shooting other people and we were there to take a group photo. It ended up he shooting us. Standing: Shelly, Dorian, Matthew, Stefano, Kalu, Luiz. Crouching: Dana, Johnny. Missing: many of us. <3

IBM, Microsoft & even @Amazon@twitter.com are pausing facial recognition programs right now because they are often biased, and used by police to surveil people of color.

Want @ring@twitter.com’s CEO @JamieSiminoff@twitter.com to make the same commitment? Sign @mozilla@twitter.com's petition: share.mozilla.org/649657119t

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Zoom’s CEO said the company will not offer end-to-end encryption to free accounts so that @Zoom_us@twitter.com can coordinate with law enforcement. Sign this @Mozilla@twitter.com & @EFF@twitter.com letter telling Zoom to reverse course: share.mozilla.org/648496740t

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In this episode of the @gndforeurope@twitter.com podcast @nickdearden75@twitter.com from @GlobalJusticeUK@twitter.com talks about trade rules that would reflect the principle of global equality and environmental protection. And the relationship between neoliberalism and nationalism. Tune In! gndepodcast.podigee.io/6-gnde-

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Solidarisch durch die 🎭 50€ für Dich - damit könnten auch finanziell Schwache sich an Kulturangeboten erfreuen & die Kulturszene kann sofort unterstützt werden, so die Idee von Petitions-Starter Wolfram: ✍️openpetition.de/kulturpraemie

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"The internet is a fossil fuel industry."

@bentarnoff@twitter.com, co-founder of @logic_magazine@twitter.com, explores the devastating impact of cloud computing on the climate — and makes the case for a radical transformation of the internet as we know it.

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Heute Abend: Virologe Christian im Online-Gespräch mit Angela Richter über totale Transparenz und fake news in der Virologie. In englischer Sprache, also ladet auch amerikanische, britische und andere Freunde ein. Fragen und Anmeldung unter i.diem25.org/en/events/715?reg

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A new epsiode of our @gndforeurope@twitter.com podcast is out: Solarpunk & Participatory Design with Laura and Guillermo of @CJugendstil@twitter.com 🤩 🧜‍♀️ 🧜‍♂️👨🏻‍💻👨🏻‍💻
Listen here: gndepodcast.podigee.io/5-gnde- or in your favorite podcast app

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demonstration style 🤗

Made by @Diem25Paris@twitter.com 👈🏽

Merci beaucoup ♥️

"More and more people now rely on video call apps to stay connected during the coronavirus pandemic. We reviewed the privacy and security of some of the most popular apps to help you make smart decisions (...)"

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