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Es ist höchste Zeit, dass Europa die Digitalsteuer einführt. Vor allem die großen US Konzerne verursachen mittlerweile einen massiven Abfluss von Kaufkraft und nutzen die Infrastruktur von Staaten ohne etwas für deren Aufrechterhaltung beizutragen. heise.de/newsticker/meldung/US

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👀| Las personas más ricas de deberían pagar en promedio un 27% de impuestos. Hoy pagan sólo el 4,8%.
¿Sabes si las personas más ricas de tu país pagan lo que deben? Conoce más en 🔗 dataigualdad.org y exige a tu gobierno cambios reales.

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Podcast mit @FahrwerkBerlin@twitter.com und den CCCCs übers Radkurierkollektivsleben. Damals gab's uns noch, und zwar aktiv.


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German @netzpolitik@twitter.com gained exclusive insight into @TikTok@twitter.com's content moderation rules, confirming @RSF_en@twitter.com fears that Chinese state influences ,being part of a strategy to internationally enforce its totalitarian vision of tame,controlled media

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Our favorite copyright MEP Axel Voss wants to 'radicalize' EU policy making on Artificial Intelligence to compete with US and China. 'We shouldn't overregulate everything.' He says if not even an algorithm's creator understands it, how can we regulate it?

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Whose data? Our data!

In the first episode of ourVoices podcast, @aaronwolfwhite@twitter.com explores the rise of big tech and the future of data ownership 🎧

Subscribe and leave us a review!

iTunes: apple.co/36Wogut
SoundCloud: m.soundcloud.com/ourvoices1

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Excellent policy on the key infrastructure of the 21st century. Next step: European public broadband owned and democratically governed by Europe's citizens, reaching everyone @DiEM25Technolo1@twitter.com @gndforeurope@twitter.com twitter.com/johnmcdonnellMP/st

File under: sleazy attempt to approach target audience

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Du hast Lust, neu zu denken? Dann suchen wir dich als Product Owner oder Developer! Lass uns die im Sinne unserer Kunden rocken! 🤟💪 Weitere Infos findest du unter unseren Stellenanzeigen: bit.ly/32YwUGB

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A new lawsuit aims to uncover how the FBI uses face recognition technology. EFF's @lynch_jen@twitter.com tells @recode@twitter.com why it matters--even if we have nothing to hide. vox.com/recode/2019/11/7/20953

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Police violently storms Athens University - students and @mera25_gr@twitter.com members under custody and without access to legal counsel.

Repression is the new normal in Greece under the troika puppet ND gvt.


@DiEM_25@twitter.com and @mera25_gr@twitter.com will not relent.

Seems like @Deliveroo@twitter.com 's withdrawal from Berlin gave way to a worker owned cooperative of food delivery drivers: @2Kolyma@twitter.com This rocks! We wish you success and a lot of fun!

What do @Snapchat@twitter.com and @FacebookAI@twitter.com have in common? Along with other companies, they’ve could be inferring emotions from facial recognition. Learn more and sign the petition from @Mozilla@twitter.com: share.mozilla.org/566822427t

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A reminder that Julian is in solitary during his pretrial detention before extradition. He could be under house arrest and preparing his legal fight, recovering his health. With his family. Instead, a person who is not dangerous, a journalist, is punished by the process.

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First epsiode of the brand new @gndforeurope@twitter.com Podcast. In this episode @r_mastini@twitter.com is talking (amongst other things) about limits of green growth fantasies and the reduction of energy use in OECD countries for rapid decarbonization. gndepodcast.podigee.io/1-gnd-f

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