This might well be the creepiest #Google page ever: All the purchases a user has ever done. If the user receives a confirmation email for a purchase they made, the user is not notified that Google collected and displays this piece of information in this page. There is no explanation why they are collecting all the purchases in one page, and apparently there is no way to opt out of this or even delete the purchases from the list.

Some of the replies to my Google toots are waving the issue aside, saying something like “it’s Google, we all know they harvest their users’ data”.

That’s true, but let’s not forget that Google has said for years that they don’t read their users’ emails, and that they can gather lots of data without parsing other people’s inboxes.

And let me repeat: The fact that users cannot have this information deleted makes the whole thing worse – possibly a GDPR violation.


@miramarco I think you should compile a module to send to the garante Della privacy

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