Quando gli ingegneri combattevano il nazifascismo | Tech Economy

Quale il ruolo degli ingegneri nella lotta per la Liberazione dal nazifascismo in Italia?


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Maybe arguing with an old man - that accuse millenials to be disconnected being protected for bullying and lamenting about the decision of Linus Thorvald to not offend people - wasn't well spent time. Also praising good old time software pratice. This after a post on security of Boeing 737 max.

LoL hahahahahahaha
Old security practice like SMTP? Or like memory gestion in C lang?

How the Boeing 737 Max Disaster Looks to a Software Developer

Design shortcuts meant to make a new plane seem like an old, familiar one are to blame


I installed Flipboard for the news on the phone of my Dad. It's not perfect but it's translated in Italian, the design is easy to use and far better and more controllable than google now feed or YouTube notification of recommended videos that he was previously using..

Come far mangiare più verdure - Il Post

Molto dipende da come sono descritti i piatti: meglio non dire MAI che sono vegetariani e fanno bene, dice uno studio interessante


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Sul paradosso della satira che non funziona (tipo crozza per capirci)

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Dilettantismo allo stato puro, ascoltate...
DataKnightmare: L'algoritmico è politico: DK 3x28 - Rousseau, la farsa spreaker.com/user/runtime/dk-3

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@infosechandbook However, information security is also about humans and processes/organization

*clap clap clap clap clap*

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5 lessons learned from the matrix.org breach:


– purely focusing on technical security causes insecurity
– the cause of the breach isn’t limited to matrix.org at all
– think twice about using any service on the internet
– think twice about running your own server on the internet
– react to any security-related messages

#matrix #serversecurity #vulnerability #lessonslearned #goodpractices #responsibility #webserver #server #infosec #security #cybersecurity

Concerto a Bologna di Marnero, Lleroy e Tenebra al Vecchio Son a Bologna. Se mi riesce vado a trovare qualche amico a Bologna e ci vado 🤔

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Interesting project, open source music:



Note that this isn't just free recordings, but MIDI-style files with individual notes and tracks in a form that can be copied and remixed 👍

It is the source code of music :blobaww:

(via @pendragon )

#Music #Musical #OpenSource #MusicProduction #Audio

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A lot of folks are crediting Einstein today, rightly so, but he’s not the only one that helped make this happen. This is a culmination of a century’s worth of work by a plethora of scientists across multiple disciplines, they deserve the credit too. It wasn’t just one person, but tens of thousands working together across the world.

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