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We added the #MISP Project 'zeek' type for :twitter: @Zeekurity to actively share NIDS rules for the NIDS formerly known as Bro. The Bro and Zeek type will coexist.

MISP core standard format and docs are also updated.

Long live #OpenSource

#ThreatIntel #Infosec #intelligence #Security

Lucky that we live in democracies where neither mass nor targeted surveillance are happening....

... and if they happen there's always a plausible deniability plan.

I'm shocked to learn that some may even be capable of using fake identities & bitcoins to make it look like the attacks are coming from other places around the world....

even Россия?

We are looking for a #Fundraising Manager to support our work to empower people to control technology.
#jobs #jobopening

Which SIEM would you recommend? I'm just looking into different solutions


We may have a 2.7.0 instance in a few minutes.....

.... or a version restored from backup ;-)

The hassh and hasshserver fingerprint (to easily fingerprint SSH servers and clients) is now a default type ( in @MISPProject and MISP standard.

You can easily share indicators and objects to trace malicious SSH clients/servers.

#Infosec #MISP #Security

Another nice article by @Gijs regarding vulnerability disclosure policies.
Wondering if @MISPProject #CIRCL may have some experiences to share with them.

Based on the publication "An analysis and classification of public information security data sources used in research and practice" by Clemens Sauerwein and others, we implemented a new @MISPProject taxonomy to describe public information data source.

I'm very pleased and honoured to welcome to this instance the world famous @MISPProject !

Finally I'll get more useful info that will help me running my #MISP instance without having to got to the blue bird site ;-)

#infosec #ThreatsManagement #Security #OpenSource #Intelligence

FOSDEM is kept free as in beer also by the community helping out, please help us by volunteering

That's better.

Upgraded to Mastodon db to PostgreSQL 11, from 9.4, flawlessly and optimised a few settings.

Any issues to report?

Breaking things again.

This instance will go down for a (hopefully) short while.

Google removed a photo I took from Google+ because of ‘Spam’. This centralized services need to be replaced with true distributed and federated services.

Just tooting 'hello' from my google-free #lineage phone. Still wading through the waters of replacing all proprietary apps with #foss ones, but like most resolutions, the key is consistency.

#degoogle #degooglify

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