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Breaking things again.

This instance will go down for a (hopefully) short while.

Google removed a photo I took from Google+ because of ‘Spam’. This centralized services need to be replaced with true distributed and federated services.

Just tooting 'hello' from my google-free #lineage phone. Still wading through the waters of replacing all proprietary apps with #foss ones, but like most resolutions, the key is consistency.

#degoogle #degooglify

We are back on-line and on version 2.6.5.

I apologise for the downtime but the db migrate procedure, which adds fields and data to the new version of the db, took much longer than expected.

Let me know if you find any issues.

And such independency implies that you must forget Android as well. Open source alternatives are already here and ready to use.

Step one for this is to avoid using Google as a search engine. Use or instead. And use a decend browser like .

My goal for 2019 is to become completely independent of Google. I already have a plan in order to succeed and some tricks have already completed with success. Stay tuned for more advices.

Buon Anno a tutti!
Happy New Year to all!
Bonne Année a tous le monde!

Going to play around a bit with the new mastodon instance I created and if all works well I'll make it my new home.
Just trying to consolidate a set of platform under one domain.
See you on:

I'm pulling my silk painting time lapse videos over from that one other video site, and putting them on Here's the first, painting a tree. Most folks don't know how silk painting works, so I like to do demos and videos about it.But I never do as many as I mean to...

Right now the fediverse is nipping at the heels of the silos.

They know we are here, and they perceive us as a threat. We know this from leaked emails from facebook.

That said, they could attack us in an oblique manner with any number of poisoned waterhole attacks.

Earlier today someone predicted one or more of those platforms just integrate activitypub and crush us by incorporating us.

Another pointed at the potential for procedurally generated instances that just harvest data, or overwhelm our ability to suspend all of the instances they throw up.

When these attacks are adapted to... they'll get concerned, and will try to frame us as part of "the dark web(tm)"...

That's how we'll know we're winning.

#Introduction Hi folks, I'm a researcher in the areas of media law and media governance, specifically looking into regulatory issues of mediated communication in a datafied society. I'm currently working on legal issues of AI-based communication and automated decision-making systems, (social) bot communication and the limitations of transparency/disclosure as a regulatory resource. Based in Hamburg, Germany. Looking forward to contributing outputs and insights.

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