Back home, 4 hours drive and still ruminating lunch.
My brother in law, being from the Reunion Island, was happy with 'We'll be there for lunch' and totally ignored the 'but don't prepare much as usual as we have a long drive afterwards'.

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@arteteco Thanks.

BTW: who are you?
Did we ever toot each others?


@surveyor3 I tried with a couple of versions including the latest.
There is a note on TWRP website about some phones resetting the recovery partition on reboot but haven't found yet how to tell the Swift to comply.
I'll send an email to Wiley Fox to see if they know what to do as they have been shipping their phones with CM until recently.

@arteteco I'm afraid I don't have your natural power. I have to make an effort to go unnoticed ;-)

Had a quick chat with the nice guys & girls blocking the road & they don't seem to protest just against Macron, it's a combination of issues for which they want to raise awareness across Europe.

@hadleybeeman I love that as well. Couldn't find enough fellow nerds in Brighton but now, in my new adoptive country, I can get my daily dose of nerdiness and interesting projects.
You should pop in in Luxembourg lots of interesting things happening around Open Standards and Open Source.
Together with @Edent we could create a great team with European reach :-)

The new survival kit necessary when driving across France:
- baguettes
- saucisson
- knife (to cut the above)

At least if we get blocked by the we can have an apéro together. Hopefully they'll provide some Beaujolais.

@popey None of the above.
Butter and honey would be my choice... if I didn't just had freshly made croissant and pain au chocolat :-)

@arteteco Maybe you are just too shy to get noticed?
Or as it sometimes happens to me, if I don't find the people interesting I stay quiet in a corner until I can escape unnoticed.

@hadleybeeman A book about telegraphic codes and Skunk Works.... are you working on some interesting projects?

@some_qualia Why you don't want to talk specifically to a man?
I may understand if you don't want to talk to a person you know he/she/it won't talk about anything you are interested in but discriminating only based on sex doesn't seem right.

I'm not interested in talking to people basing my choice on their genetic material but on the likelihood of having an interesting/funny/nerdy conversation.

Then you should know that XY generally need a direct approach ;-)

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