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Had a quick chat with the nice guys & girls blocking the road & they don't seem to protest just against Macron, it's a combination of issues for which they want to raise awareness across Europe.

You know you are living in a civilised country when ..

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Remembering the the end of the war that prepared the grounds for the start of WWII at the Maginot Line

I finally had the time to test the new oven and I'm quite pleased.
Now I can start challenging @LaurentChemla ;-)

Competition for the most stupidly priced bottle of water....

...and the winner is Berg at €10.49 for 750ml of melted ice.

I'd like to find who buys that water as I have a bridge to sell.

P2P communication in WebRTC.

That's the way to do it!


I was having a look at my photos archive and look what I found @Edent :-)

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