We worked hard, we nearly made it but Microsoft seems to have won this battle.

We, at the NHoS team, worked hard to create an Ubuntu based replacement for Windows for the National Health Service in UK:

But unfortunately it has been used only as an excuse to get a discount from Microsoft:

Talks to get permission to use a brand similar to NHS were there but now they got the discount we are not useful anymore apparently.
We'll fight on.

@paolo TBH I thought the NHoS branding was a mistake as it made it seem the distro was *only* for fully funded NHS organisations.

There are many other healthcare orgs only part funded, do not use NHS branding but *could* make use of FOSS systems; although these will have to integrate with the "NHSnet Office 365" (more so than smartcards), and other items like compatibility with MFD (printer/ scanners) are equally important (that is a showstopper that has twice prevented me Linux at work)


@vfrmedia There have been talks about the branding which would have been owned by them.

Card readers, legacy platforms & devices have been worked on and most issues have been solved. NHoS could be ready for general admin use & has been developed with nearly zero budget.

Just imagine what we could do with a 1/100th of what they spend for Windows & Office licences.

NHSMail is based on hosted Exchange not Office365. Even there we could reduce the costs to a quarter at least

@paolo there is definitely a custom setup of Office 365 they have bee trying to use for some time sending data at OFFICIAL classification *outside* NHS sites, the care managers here keep getting told about it, but how to get certified to use it is not at all clear (to the point analogue faxes still get used instead!) But to be fair O365 *does* work on Ubuntu, I tested it.

Is the whole OS project simply going to be abandoned or would it be made available for other healthcare organisations?

@vfrmedia I had a look at the NHSMail2 tender won by Accenture (£10M?) as we could have participated at least from the infrastructure side using something a lot more efficient than Exchange.

The whole NHoS project is on GitHub for all to use and contribute. Is not dead but now we'll have all "interested" parties watching us to stop us from extending trials so we'll focus on other things for the moment.

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