We worked hard, we nearly made it but Microsoft seems to have won this battle.

We, at the NHoS team, worked hard to create an Ubuntu based replacement for Windows for the National Health Service in UK:

But unfortunately it has been used only as an excuse to get a discount from Microsoft:

Talks to get permission to use a brand similar to NHS were there but now they got the discount we are not useful anymore apparently.
We'll fight on.

@paolo Really sorry to hear that, this project sounded so promising. Awful treatment.


@cbowdon The issue is it actually works and hospitals that tested it, in secret, were enthusiastic of it.

@paolo Glad to hear it. One of the perennial “don’t leave MS” arguments is that people won’t like the unfamiliar new world. But this shows that’s not the case. Shame the decision makers have been so awful to you.

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