Back home, 4 hours drive and still ruminating lunch.
My brother in law, being from the Reunion Island, was happy with 'We'll be there for lunch' and totally ignored the 'but don't prepare much as usual as we have a long drive afterwards'.

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Had a quick chat with the nice guys & girls blocking the road & they don't seem to protest just against Macron, it's a combination of issues for which they want to raise awareness across Europe.

The new survival kit necessary when driving across France:
- baguettes
- saucisson
- knife (to cut the above)

At least if we get blocked by the we can have an apéro together. Hopefully they'll provide some Beaujolais.

hello everyone, fabio is my name. I am italian, living in scotland,waiting for the brexit (sic!!). linux enthusiast since redhat 5.2 (yes... I am so old!), and science journalist in my "old life". and that's me ';)

RT #Rodez #GiletsJaunes : ce matin devant la gendarmerie.

A win for #opensource in Canada.

* Favour open source solutions
* Favour non-prorietary solutions
* Source for custom-built solutions must be released under open source licenses through Government of Canada sites

See C.2.3.8 for the relevant clauses:

hey everybody, im an artist and graphic design student and i have been looking for some alternate platforms to join so i decided to try mastodon. #introduction

Les directeurs informatiques haussent le ton face aux géants du logiciel -

> Les objectifs de croissance de Microsoft, Oracle et d'autres seraient « insoutenables » pour les entreprises françaises. Ces derniers sont accusés d'augmenter les factures sans en annoncer la couleur.

Viendez dans le monde du logiciel libre mais n'oubliez pas de financer et/ou de contribuer.
Le libre, c'est pas gratuit.

DuckDuckGo measured Google's "filter bubble" problem:

– most participants saw results unique to them
– Google included links for some participants that it did not include for others, even when logged out and in private browsing mode
– results within the news and videos infoboxes also varied significantly
– private browsing mode and being logged out of Google offered very little filter bubble protection

#duckduckgo #google #filterbubble #privacy

Dutch newspaper revealed that #Microsoft #Office leaked data from Dutch government workers to US servers, including the subject of emails & document text content, violating the #GDPR

We recommend #selfhosting #nextcloud

L'Europe envisage de demander aux entreprises d'infrastructure cloud de fouiller dans les données qui lui sont confiées par ses clients. Ce n'est pas son rôle estime Octave Klaba fondateur d'OVH ! =>

OK, j'ai trouvé mon nouveau même favori...

"there doesn’t seem to be any way to get a single, objective search result from Google that can be easily replicable across users or locations."

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