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Preparation for storage and instance migration nearly ready.

This instance will go down for, hopefully, just a few hours while I transfer from Brighton (UK) to Luxembourg (EU).

See you later.

Running out of disk space!

Instance going down shortly to migrate it to a new Private Cloud in another European country.

House invaded by screaming kids celebrating a birthday...

... send rescue...

...or beers

...(for me, not the kids)

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Wikimedia on Article 13 [Fediverse relevance] Show more

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Why is this "Article 13" so bad? Show more

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Unbelievable that it is already two years since we started #Nextcloud... What a ride. I'm especially thankful to the community which to a large extend immediately understood what we are trying to achieve and joined us.

via @nextcloud

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Happy Birthday #nextcloud!! ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿ‘

We're very proud of what we have accomplished in the last 2 years: Becoming market leader, moving #EFSS forward faster than ever before.

Thank you all for your support! ๐Ÿค˜ #PowerOfCommunity #OpenSource #nextcloud

That's quite interesting. There is a guy, or a team, registering on my Mastodon instance to post links to not well identified movie sites (haven't checked). They are quite active today, a few registered from Ukraine (maybe) others from the States. Could be using VPNs or an organised event.

Anybody else seeing that?

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Just had a call from a slightly distraught non-techy friend of a friend. They were burgled and her laptop was stolen. All their family photos gone. No backups. :(. If you're a tech, teach your friends and family. Help them understand the need for backups, please! <3

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"When you're an adult you won't be allowed to leave things to the last minute"

Companies this week emailing me

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"Parralel construction.

You pull the phone location records of everyone near a protest without a warrant (and no intention of using the location data in court) then you dig into them to find something unrelated to the protest you can nail them on.

That way you take out key players without it looking like a political crackdown."

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Reasons why I howled with laughter in the shop today

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@galaxis @rysiek Actually, to clarify further: poor HTML parsing and poor error handling is to blame.

Even when rendering HTML, #Mailpile is not vulnerable as far as I can tell.

We sanitize the content so their malformed snippets get cleaned up and we check the GnuPG error codes so their gadgets will fail.

I need to write a boasting blog about this, this is actually a resounding endorsement of why baking security in from the start matters.

Very nice day in London finalising plans for world domination. Seen a lot of police around, not for me this time, and closed roads.
Apparently there's a Commonwealth meeting tonight to try to make Britain great again after Brexit.

It's happening, is going mainstream.
German Federal Government chooses @nextcloud for their secure file sharing platform.

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Our team often gets asked why privacy matters. Here's a collection of answers from experts, including @eff's @doctorow:

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6 days until I erase my accounts on non-decentralized social media platforms.