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@toad : la prima cosa che mi viene in mente è: switch to English.
In ogni caso, i contenuti fruibili in italiano, in qualsiasi campo, sono sempre una misera fettina rispetto alla totalità.
Inoltre, può essere utile per migliorare la comprensione della lingua.

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Big brands on Mastodon 

🇮🇹 È più facile che facciano il ponte sullo stretto che io quello dell'immacolata.

🇮🇹 Curiosamente, ho assistito al rifiuto di una richiesta urgente di intervento di un "autospurghi" perché erano "instasati di lavoro".

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After using Telegram for years in order to receive notifications from my servers, I've deployed my own lightweight server (prosody).
I also rewrote my Telegram bot, intended to execute remote queries/commands, using xmpppy Python package.
Extra-bonus: a private and secure (end-to-end encrypted) messenger for family usage.

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me: *staring into the void*

void: *staring back at me*

Sono arrivati i rifornimenti dalla Sardegna e adesso capisco perché ci hanno messo davvero poco. 😁

Just switched my personal git server and the corporate one from gitea to forgejo. They both are running fine.

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Hey Fediverse! We're not completely #newHere, but we thought it was time for an #introduction. #Forgejo is a new, fully community-controlled soft fork of the popular #Gitea self-hosted #Git forge.

Come and get involved at codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo !

You can find the background to the decision to fork at gitea-open-letter.coding.socia

We'll have our first release out soon, which will be a drop-in replacement for Gitea. In the meantime, if you have any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you!

@toad : I did it for other apps, no way for Google stuff (Xiaomi Redmi 9).

@toad no way since it's pre-installed. And - more important - no reason why GCal should start after a phone call (Phone is a Google app too, of course).
Anyway, I will survive with this...

On my Android phone (yes, I know...):
1) I answer a phone call.
2) Call ends.
3) I'm requested to unlock the phone by drawing the secret pattern.
4) Google Calendar, which has been set to have NO permissions, shows up with its initial wizard.

Every time. WHY?! 😄

(btw, I'm using Proton Calendar instead)

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