After a new DXCC confirmation on LoTW (Algeria) now I can get my first award at ARRL: DXCC 100 Mixed.

Well, new DXCC: Kuwait. I thought I already had that on my log. Anyway, I got a LoTW confirmation this morning, so my first ARRL award is getting closer...

Glad to decode OD5PY from Beirut on my waterfall after long time.
We had four QSOs before, on 2011, 2012 and 2013.
Unfortunately we couldn't have a contact on 10m today.

Yesterday we had a good propagation for EU so I completed 60 QSOs on 6, 10, 12 and 15m bands!

Here is a summary by countries:

Germany 11
Poland 9
Spain 8
Denmark 5
France 5
England 3
Belgium 2
Greece 2
Netherlands 2
Romania 2
Wales 2
Austria 1
Balearic Islands 1
Bulgaria 1
Croatia 1
Czech Republic 1
Hungary 1
Italy 1
Northern Ireland 1
Slovak Republic 1

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