On my Android phone (yes, I know...):
1) I answer a phone call.
2) Call ends.
3) I'm requested to unlock the phone by drawing the secret pattern.
4) Google Calendar, which has been set to have NO permissions, shows up with its initial wizard.

Every time. WHY?! 😄

(btw, I'm using Proton Calendar instead)

@fabiux Maybe there is some hidden widget in the lockscreen. Why don't you disable the Google calendar app from the settings?

@toad no way since it's pre-installed. And - more important - no reason why GCal should start after a phone call (Phone is a Google app too, of course).
Anyway, I will survive with this...

@fabiux You should be able to disable the app also if it's pre-installed. You can't unistall it, but you can disable it (at least on my Motorola)

@toad : I did it for other apps, no way for Google stuff (Xiaomi Redmi 9).

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