My goal for 2019 is to become completely independent of Google. I already have a plan in order to succeed and some tricks have already completed with success. Stay tuned for more advices.

Step one for this is to avoid using Google as a search engine. Use or instead. And use a decend browser like .

And such independency implies that you must forget Android as well. Open source alternatives are already here and ready to use.

@paolo @fabiux
lineage without google services is possible via microg (but I don't use it as I don't have any app requiring google services)

@lesion I've installed Open GApps micro as I sync my emails, contacts, calendars using ActiveSync and unfortunately Gmail app seems to be the only one doing it decently well.
To clarify things I'm not using ActiveSync with Exchange or Orifice365.


@paolo @fabiux I'm using and to sync contacts/calendar/tasks (putting here if someone else is searching for free/self-hosted alternatives)

@lesion I'm using (Open Source and self hosted) server side so that I have all the tools in one place. Using ActiveSync as it syncs the lot without the need of other servers/apps @fabiux

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