I left Instagram lately and today I've joined pixelfed.social
Pixelfed : Instagram = Mastodon : Twitter

And such independency implies that you must forget Android as well. Open source alternatives are already here and ready to use.

Step one for this is to avoid using Google as a search engine. Use or instead. And use a decend browser like .

My goal for 2019 is to become completely independent of Google. I already have a plan in order to succeed and some tricks have already completed with success. Stay tuned for more advices.

Here’s Facebook’s former “privacy sherpa” discussing how to harm your Facebook privacy interc.pt/2Pop7Ku

Less spyware on my Android smartphone: removed Facebook.

A simple workaround in order to fix this is to re-enable the weather app and deny any permissions (location and storage).

So, if I want to display the clock widget in the lock screen on my ASUS Zenfone 2, I've to enable the ASUS weather app, which actually is a heavy battery drainer and GPS tracker.

I just have rebuilt my website using Hugo (gohugo.io), a powerful command-line generator written in Go. www.fabiopani.it

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