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There's no such thing as a backdoor for the 'good guys' only: cnet.com/news/stolen-nsa-hacki

We need strong encryption to secure the web! Protect your emails now: tutanota.com/

Been messing with stuff on lately, but find that everyone in the linux world wants you to use the terminal still. So I made some simple UIs for and using .

Linux just needs more GUIs that are simple and useful. It's nearly impossible to bring someone from and ask them to work in the terminal for such simple things.

Got an recently, I know, I know, I’m a bit behind. But I finally caved, and now I hate it! I’m pretty certain that couldn’t make the experience any worse. They literally suck the excitement out of starting a console and playing a game.

It should be simple, fun. They have horrendous workflows with multiple screens, loops, and multiple logins for the same user. It’s so painful. One game won’t even get past the final stage because I refuse to sign up for their crap account.

Been playing with and it’s really quite good. Think Electron, but lightweight. I’ve made a couple of simple GUIs for enabling, disabling, and checking the status of my , and . Up next is initial configuration for each.

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I was trying to add RDP access to my #18.04 install on my iMac and somehow it all up. I couldn’t get to the UI. Tried to undo it, but with no luck.

Let me tell you, there’s no access to USB boot by holding down the / key after you wipe out . Learned a lot about last night.

Whew! Back up and running.

I'm looking for an answer. I saw a program icon on a guy's windows program bar during a webinar, and was wondering what program it is. It was a webinar, so I couldn't ask, and can't seem to get google to understand I want to search for the program name by describing the icon.

Anyway, the icon was 3 dots or small circles that would make a triangle, but the connectors between them are clightly arced istead of straight.

Anyone know what this might be?

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Pixelfed Labs, a community org and incubator dedicated to:

- build experimental features
- establish working groups to improve the core project (ie: Abuse Prevention, Accessibility, Privacy, Youth Safety, Dark Pattern Prevention)
- make contributing easier

Launching in March! #pixelfed

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@pixelfed I can't wait to share a huge update about Pixelfed Labs in the next few days!

@craigmaloney sure. They could the truthful ending to that... “because you have no choice.”

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It's amazing how in such a short time MX Linux' Mastodon has gained traction (also in comparison to Twitter).

Thanks everyone for following and supporting 👍

@fribbledom if you can’t open a browser with 16 GB RAM on a machine you’ve got bigger problems. If you’re compiling code or rendering HD or higher video, I definitely understand the desire for more.

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There are 10 kinds of people: Those who know hexadecimal, and F the rest.

What kind of hardware is needed (RAM, HDD space, cores, network speed, etc) to run a really good server? Particularly if it were to become a popular instance...say with 20,000 users or more? Assume a 18.04 server.

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@linux Never ending debate: Linux or Windows 🤔 Well in my case I not only use Linux Mint on desktops, but also choose CentOS and Ubuntu for servers. Ever since Microsoft introduced fancy bootloader in Vista I refuse to fix other's computers and either reinstall them to Linux Mint or advise to visit someone else 😄 So far so good. Typically under Linux problems are much more technical but solvable whereas in Windows things either just work or are next to impossible to address 🤓

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Let's get another round of signatures to stop #Article11 and #Article13 !!!

The Internet belongs to all of us and thus we should all really care about this!


(Boosts would be very welcome!)

I took the plunge, and moved my iMac 2011 27" to 18.04. So far is running awesome on it. Still no screen dimming with the keyboard controls (althought it shows on the screen that it's doing it). Weird, but no big deal.

@cyberpresidentvanellope @fribbledom oh no, I agree totally, federated is better overall for the libre part if nothing else, it’s simply that a new user who is immediately met with a message saying registrations are closed, is a lost potential user in most cases.

I would just like to see an easier way to pick a server that is accepting registrations without having to go to another page, then copy, navigate back, and try to sign up again.

@fribbledom this is a neat looking link, but suffers from the same issue as Mastodon. The average user will see ‘Registration is Closed’. And they’re done. Back to Instagram they’ll go. and i awesome, but the barrier to use it in the manner it is today is too high for the average person.

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