This week I setup . A and , online meeting system providing incredible functionality, and alternative to GoToMeeting, Join.Me, Zoom.US, and so many more. They also offer a completely free hosted version if you prefer to use that. I highly recommend it, and show you just how easy it is to setup. Enjoy!

Found this amazing bit of and software yesterday when I wanted to help my wife get some analytics on her Ebay sales data.

is amazing! I cannot stress how simple it is to install and get up and running. It just starts analyzing the data you feed it right Enjoy!

It’s always so interesting to me how people “get sick” for one day right after a Thursday holiday. I’m sure there’s a study in there somewhere.

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it's funny that my computer shows memoization, which is a word invented for computers, as misspelled 😒

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I’d like to thank the porn industry for thei fight against terrorism. Just imagine how many fewer virgins there are each day due to pornography. Keep up the great work!

@zurchpet Excellent! I knew I had read it was coming, but when I checked 19.10 Ubuntu Mate, it wasn’t an option, so took matters into my own hands. I imagine Network Manager will save a few folks from my programming “skills”.

I want to be a first class citizen, so I made a Client side for the . I have the repo on GItHug, and an installer script I made for Ubuntu (at the very least). The video of it and how it works is below, and the repo, script and other links are in the show notes. Enjoy!

@ben NoMachine with an NX connection? Maybe with RDP through NoMachine. I’m just throwing out something to try. I don’t know about mouse locking.

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This week I go through setting up , ad GUI front end for the server. We set it up on a server running inside of a container. I also have a nice bash script on to help make the process a single, simple command. Enjoy!

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So this evening had an odd craving to work on an irc style client for #rocketchat Below is the result of basic channel list/selection with real time sending and receiving messages.

Wrote in #golang a few others on the team mentioned doing one in #nodejs

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If you are using our snap install to power your workspace you might be interested in enabling auto backups before the upcoming auto update to 2.0. More info can be found here -


My latest video walks you through setting up the and using it as a full natted traffic route.


My latest video is on Barrier , an , software alternative to and for sharing your mouse and keyboard with multiple machines. Enjoy!

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Here's my latest how to Video on using an Open Source, Self Hosted email server system called Mail-In-A-Box. It truly simplifies something that has been far too complex for decades now. Enjoy!

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Pleroma 1.0 was like Windows NT 4.0, Pleroma 1.1 is like Windows 2000, and Pleroma 1.2 will be our Windows XP moment.

Pleroma 2.0 will be our Vista (everyone will hate it), but 2.1 will be our Windows 7.

hopefully nothing is our Windows 8 or Windows 10.
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