My latest video is on Barrier , an , software alternative to and for sharing your mouse and keyboard with multiple machines. Enjoy!

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Here's my latest how to Video on using an Open Source, Self Hosted email server system called Mail-In-A-Box. It truly simplifies something that has been far too complex for decades now. Enjoy!

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Pleroma 1.0 was like Windows NT 4.0, Pleroma 1.1 is like Windows 2000, and Pleroma 1.2 will be our Windows XP moment.

Pleroma 2.0 will be our Vista (everyone will hate it), but 2.1 will be our Windows 7.

hopefully nothing is our Windows 8 or Windows 10.

We had a little fun making some yard decorations for Halloween. Now to get these and the rest all placed in the right spot.

Here's my latest video tutorial on a great piece of software for documentation. It's clean, modern, and . Enjoy.

Just made a new video on installation, setup, and use of Nextcloud. Enjoy!

Webmin, an Open Source, Free, Linux / Unix Server GUI for Admins who don't want to stay in the CLI.

Bitwarden is an Open Source, Free, Self Hostable Password Manager for Individuals and Teams - Check out my latest tutorial on it here

My latest video tutorial on how to setup Zulip, another free and open source Slack and Microsoft Teams alternative chat system.

My latest tutorial on Slack alternatives.

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I am seriously on...

Telegram, whatsapp, signal, xmpp, wire, skype, matrix, Tox, Jami, Steam, Battle net, Discord

Twitter, Mastodon, Reddit, keybase

but since I decided that Facebook was not an option, apparently I am uncontactable by certain people

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There's no such thing as a backdoor for the 'good guys' only:

We need strong encryption to secure the web! Protect your emails now:

Been messing with stuff on lately, but find that everyone in the linux world wants you to use the terminal still. So I made some simple UIs for and using .

Linux just needs more GUIs that are simple and useful. It's nearly impossible to bring someone from and ask them to work in the terminal for such simple things.

Got an recently, I know, I know, I’m a bit behind. But I finally caved, and now I hate it! I’m pretty certain that couldn’t make the experience any worse. They literally suck the excitement out of starting a console and playing a game.

It should be simple, fun. They have horrendous workflows with multiple screens, loops, and multiple logins for the same user. It’s so painful. One game won’t even get past the final stage because I refuse to sign up for their crap account.

Been playing with and it’s really quite good. Think Electron, but lightweight. I’ve made a couple of simple GUIs for enabling, disabling, and checking the status of my , and . Up next is initial configuration for each.

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I was trying to add RDP access to my #18.04 install on my iMac and somehow it all up. I couldn’t get to the UI. Tried to undo it, but with no luck.

Let me tell you, there’s no access to USB boot by holding down the / key after you wipe out . Learned a lot about last night.

Whew! Back up and running.

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