I discuss and vs Closed Source Software options with @IBRACORP_IO - Amazing Fun and some great softwrae to look into... youtu.be/JhrZwMBJbRU

This is my (almost) annual follow up on how I use all of the great and software that i show you each week. Much of it runs on , and all of it runs on of course! youtu.be/WSQHvwhbxS8

Dashy Update - Widgets for all the info you want to see about your systems! and , and Runs on of course... youtu.be/dyur-NDngBc

NetDiscover, an amazingly powerful, , , network scanner that can find any device, anywhere on your network! Runs on of course! youtu.be/yMSq7QzQcX4

Pi Alert - , , Network Device Change Notification and Intrusion Detection running on and ... youtu.be/oKl3WFQloE4

Setup the DD-WRT Router Firmware as an Access Point / AP Only, running of course... youtu.be/GWzEDpa_kj0

DD-WRT - Amazing Firmware to take your home router and networking to the next level! youtu.be/ooJPLBDW8qw

I just wanted to share, that I occasionally (way more often that I'd like to admit) come up against failure, but stepping away to regroup, rethink, and retry has often led me to success in the end. Best to you all.


RPort, an , , Remote Machine Management system running on of course. Create tunnels to your client machines and connect through , , and with ease and security! youtu.be/Xc_5qE7ZyYA

Cadmus - Microphone background noise cancellation and suppression for , and of course it's ... youtu.be/yYibLw3gsBw

Vaultwarden - backend for the password manager! Security and control at your fingertips. Runs on , and of course! youtu.be/mq7n_0Xs1Kg

Game Development - Low Code / No Code Open Source Development platforms for games on all OSes including , , . GDevelop and Superpowers are just fantastic ways to jump start you game! youtu.be/VuLchUg68fY

Quant_ux - , Mock-up and Prototyping tool that can give you amazing insight into your user interface design and experience. Runs on and of course! youtu.be/liL0FyQOG-k

Apache Guacamole Remote Desktop - , remote access to your machines and servers right in your browser! Runs on , , and in of course! youtu.be/DGw6P5Lkj-U

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