Does anyone know how to link an "" file to another one in the same leaf bundle with ?

I have an "" file and I wanna link another file in it. This second file is in the same leaf bundle, at the same level. But I can't get relref to work...

@Apitronics Did you read this topic, and is it of any help for you?

I don't use (and understand) leaf bundles, so unfortunately I cannot help you.

@im This link only talk about image rendering, right ? 🤔

I'm not sure. All links I can found here are about image rendering...

@Apitronics I think you're right. But I don't know if it matters.

in the same directory, the link for an "" is [yourtexttolink](..)

@konkgwin I'm not using "" file but "". Yhe first one is used in branch bundle, and the second is used in leaf bundle.

Maybe this syntax works with "" too, I will try it.

@konkgwin It seems this syntax didn't work in "" file...

I don't know why, but "[my test](myfile_without_extension)" points to a 404 error, without any error from "hugo server" command.

Hello, «I don't know why, but "[my test](myfile_without_extension)" points to a 404 error»
Yes, because the link "(myfile_without_extension)" is not the good one. You have to give an adress "unix like" which is, in this case ".." (two dots).
Now your markdown code is "[my test](..)"
hope it works.

@konkgwin The two-dots syntax means "the parent directory" in a unix-like path, right ? 🤔
In my case it's not something like "[my test](./my_file_without_extension)" (because of the file is in the same directory as the index) ?

Thanks to give me some of your time ! 🙂

@konkgwin I tried this solution, but it didn't work. ".." redirect to the previous page, and "." to the current "" file.
So I tried to jump on my file with "./my_file_without_extension" and ""./my_file_with_extension", and both create the same error at access (404 page not found)...

Note that I can reach the file in my subdir, but I can't do the same thing with my buggy file.

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